Why do you do it this way?

Posted by / June 22, 2015 -

Why do you perform a task in a certain way and can your employees explain the reasoning behind the activity?

If the work they do doesn’t help the business or the customer then should they really be doing it?  As leaders our aims should be to employ a workforce that understands why we do things the way that we do and we have a responsibility to teach them. By engaging in this way we are encouraging our workforce to think about their jobs and the business and most importantly the customer. Only then will they come up with new ideas and be motivated. Your customers will also feel respected by those who serve them.

At Park Lane Accountants we apply specific processes and procedures to ensure that risks are minimised and staff learn from their mistakes. We don’t expect perfection but we recognise that by applying a systematic process throughout the team we can achieve great results for our clients and deliver a great service at a competitive cost point.

If you are interested in working with us or having us work with you then get in touch on 01249 246170 or Park Lane Accountants serve Bath and Wiltshire and is based in Chippenham.

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