Don’t know what you’ve got until its gone !

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Its  not often that I will mention a specific small business in my blog as I try to keep it relevant to all and not make it too personal. I then started to think about a specific business based in Cirencester and the more I thought about it the more I asked myself “why not shout about it?”

Keiths Coffee shop is located in Blackjack Street, a few streets from the main high street.  Its been there for many years and sells a range of loose teas, coffees and imported continental products. Its the type of establishment to visit for that special gift or for a treat.  They also have a small area to sit and have a a tea or coffee and a bite to eat as well as 25 seats in the walled garden which is open in the summer. Everything is prepared on site by hand and the coffee is roasted on site resulting in the aroma drifting down the street and adding to the charm of shopping in this old Cotswold town.

OK so you now have the picture.

Firstly, I am not writing this as an advert for a coffee shop. The main purpose is  to say when you find a service or establishment or product that gives you joy, it’s tempting to keep it to yourself. Perhaps it’s uncomfortable to recommend it to a friend (after all, you might seem silly) and even more uncomfortable to recommend it to a stranger (after all, you might seem like a shill).

The stark reality is that there are 34 coffee shops in Cirencester with all of the big chains moving in as of late. Competition is fine, as long as its on a level playing field but we all know that most of the big chains pay hardly any or no corporation tax. That aside the chains all provide the same  mundane service and environment.

Back to my original idea for the post.

In this day and age consumers hold all the power. We have a responsibility to do two things

1. Tell others when you have a good experience or come across something different. We owe it to that business to spread the word and give them support and reaffirm that they are doing a good job and meeting or exceeding expectation

2.Back our local businesses and business people. They are the lifeblood of our communities. They pay their taxes and often make a modest living spending all of their time trying to improve without limitless resources. We do this by using it and not losing it.

I’m backing Keiths. You can’t get the same experience anywhere else.



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