Conscious Capitalism

Posted by / December 7, 2016 -

For some time I have been aware of the growing differences in the fortunes of those with wealth and power within our communities and those without. Since the 2015 general election the conservative government have continued with the austerity measures in an attempt to balance the books. The reality is that the policies adopted have directly affected those most vulnerable within our society and resulted in division. Today we are told that the number of working people in poverty has increased bu 1.1 million despite the economy growing.

The causes of this are many and complex but there is no doubt that globalisation and the financial crisis of 2008 have resulted in the disillusioned poor and the majority of citizens in this country delivering their verdicts via the ballot box on referendum day.


Global organisations who pay no tax.

Greedy CEO’s and board members


Hypocritical Politicians

Charities that pray on the elderly

House builders who bank land

All of these groups are examples of the decline in the moral fabric of our society fuelled by a drive for more. I am no labour supporter but I do realise that the country is better off when we all do well and not just a few at the very top. Where is our conscious capitalism?

Park Lane Accountants continue to apply the four main principles of conscious capitalism in order to build a sustainable and successful business. They are as follows:-

  1. A higher purpose – not just to make money but to do good
  2. Conscious leadership – focusing on the “we” not the “me”
  3. Conscious culture – build trust between businesses and embodies our values, principles and practices.
  4. Stakeholder orientation – focusing on creating value for our stakeholders including clients, employees, suppliers and community.

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